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Rolyan Smart Splint Bath

Rolyan Smart Splint Bath | Performance Health

Code: PAT-7102759
Aug 2022
Rolyan Smart Splint Bath
  • User-friendly device that heats water to prepare splinting material for use
  • Equipped with smart technology and a full menu of customisable options
  • Dual cleaning system eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients
  • Designed to provide quick and uniform heating distribution
Water Bath Preparing Splinting Material
The Rolyan Smart Splint Bath is designed to fit splinting material and heat water to prepare splinting material for use. Designed with smart technology, it is the only splint bath on the market that eliminates the risks of cross contamination between patients. Built with an easy-to-read timer and temperature display, the splint bath also includes a full menu of additional features for customization. Using temperatures between 60-85 degrees Celsius, the splint bath takes 7-10 minutes to heat up the water. Users can also easily adjust time and temperature using the recommended presets for Rolyan thermoplastic materials.

Designed with Smart Technology
This state-of-art splint bath is the first of its kind. With a full-color touch screen interface providing complete control over unit parameters, the screen displays precise reading temperatures (+/-2 degrees C). A convection heat exchanger is built-in to provide quick and uniform heating distribution. The convection heat exchanger cycles the water over the UV light every 2 minutes.

Dual Cleaning System Preventing Infections
Patient cross contamination is a common concern in hospital and clinical environments. With its unique sanitation mode, the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath provides a 99.99% kill rate of microbes in the water. The dual cleaning system utilizes both UV sterilization cycling and a high-heat effective sterilization of the bath. The splint bath also features a nightly high heat sanitation mode providing an extra level of sterilization. For easier water evacuation, use the automatic drainage pump and valve system.




ARTG Number355710


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