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One Touch Can Opener

One Touch Can Opener | Performance Health

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Sep 2022
The One Touch Can Opener is great for anyone who is tired of opening a can with a traditional can opener. Its hands-free operation reduces the struggle for children, the elderly and others with weak hands who find it difficult to turn manual can opener knobs. The one touch button makes the opener a useful kitchen aid for people with hemiparesis after a stroke and amputees. Plus, it doesn’t leave any sharp edges, making it a safe choice for all users.

This can opener is easy to operate. Place it on the lid and press the button. The opener will walk itself around the can and switch off automatically. If the can’s diameter is greater than 8.89cm, press the button again to finish cutting the lid. Then lift the device to easily remove the can’s lid after it’s been opened. No more twisting and pulling, it’s that easy!

The small can opener is also convenient. It’s only 16.5cm x 6.35cm for easy storage when not in use. Battery operation means there aren’t any messy, tangled cords on the counter like an electric can opener. Remove the batteries and wipe the cutter with a damp cloth for easy cleaning. Save time during meal preparation with the handy One Touch Can Opener.

  • Battery powered can opener
  • Works on standard small, medium and large cans
  • Easier to use than a manual can opener
  • Simply press the button to remove the can's lid
  • Requires two AA batteries


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