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Ottobock Dorsa Arexa Hyperextension Support - OB-28R140
Ottobock Dorsa Arexa Hyperextension Support

Ottobock Dorsa Arexa Hyperextension Support | Performance Health

Code: OTB-28R140OB-28R140
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Jun 2022

* Realignment of the spine at the thoracolumbar transition * Relieving the ventral sections of the vertebral bodies * One size to treat waist circumferences up to 150 cm * Individual adjustment possibilities * Auto-adaptive sternal and symphysis supports * Clip closures which can be operated from either side * Soft, skin friendly pads * Water resistant Indication: * Stable vertebral body fractures in the lower thoracic spine and upper lumbar spine (including those due to osteoporosis) without neurological deficits (Th10 to L2)


ARTG Number289840


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