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ableX Handlebar & Armskate Combined Package - ABLEX-Combo
ableX Handlebar & Armskate Combined Package

ableX Handlebar & Armskate Combined Package | Performance Health

Code: ABLEX-Combo
Jun 2022
The ableX system is a clinically proven combination of therapy games and versatile handheld controllers for upper limb training. As well as accelerating physical and cognitive rehabilitation after a stroke, ableX helps people with other impairments caused by brain trauma, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or dementia.

The ableX Handlebar & Armskate Combined Package provides the best stimulation for neuro recovery with two control devices and installed software. Depending on your needs, you can use either device or both in your training routine.

Package includes:
  • ableX Armskate - needed when you can't raise your arm at all without assistance. Ideal to initiate motor recovery in shoulder and elbow.
  • ableX Handlebar - extends range of movement, strength and co-ordination. Used to increase arm movement and grip as well as to progress to fine movements.
  • Installed software
  • 8 therapy games


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