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Set Your Practice Apart with Game Ready - Rent or Buy (Finance Option Available)

8 February, 2018

The Game Ready® GRPro® 2.1 system features innovative, patented ACCEL® Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop), enabling the integrated delivery of continuous cold and intermittent pneumatic compression therapies like never before. The first-ever sports injury and post-op recovery device of its kind, the portable GRPro 2.1 has set a new standard in non-narcotic musculoskeletal injury pain relief and accelerated healing.



(Finance Option Available)

Heal Faster & Recover Better with Physician Recommended Technology
The Game Ready System combines Intermittent Compression with Circumferential Cold Therapy in one fully adjustable, easy-to-use application. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) has long been used to treat acute and chronic injury and to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation after Orthopaedic surgery. Developed by scientists and doctors using proprietary NASA space suit technology, the Game Ready System simultaneously delivers both adjustable cold therapy and intermittent compression.

Immediately after suffering a musculoskeletal injury, the body initiates a series of physiological responses to defend surrounding tissues and begin to repair the damage. While inflammation is a natural and necessary mechanism in this process, controlling it effectively can actually allow the body to enter the later stages of healing faster.

Until now, the RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) principles have been used to passively control symptoms, moderating pain and swelling. But Game Ready® does more. Going beyond static cold and compression applications, ACCEL Technology proactively aids lymphatic function, encourages cellular oxygen supply, and stimulates tissue repair. That is, it helps accelerate and enhance recovery.

Infrared thermal imagery shows that Game Ready's patented active compression technology enhances the delivery of cold therapy. Game Ready's combination of active compression and simultaneous cold therapy facilitates faster, longer cooling. Game Ready Wraps provide circumferential therapy covering more surface area. Game Ready Wraps reach key pain points for ACL repair or total knee replacement patients such as the upper shin and back of the knee respectively. 


For more information please contact:
Dave Sato
Business Development Manager - Sports & Wellness
P: 0409 598 184
E: dsato@performhealth.com.au
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