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Saebo Mirror Box, Folding - SBO-E2-MB-10-SD-N-1
Saebo Mirror Box, Folding

Saebo Mirror Box, Folding | Performance Health

Code: SBO-E2-MB-10-SD-N-1
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Seeing is Believing.

Saebo Mirror Box is a scientifically proven treatment tool used to speed up and improve motor function following stroke and other neurological disorders. During Mirror Therapy, the user places their affected limb inside the mirror box and their unaffected hand and forearm in front of the mirror. While looking at the image in the mirror, the client is then directed to perform movement with their unaffected hand in front of the mirror while simultaneously attempting to copy the movement with their hidden affected hand. Mirror Therapy helps program the brain to perceive the affected limb as the healthy one.

This creates the illusion that both limbs are working normally. For example, if you put your left hand behind a mirror and right hand in front, you can trick your brain into believing that the reflection of your right hand in the mirror is your left. You are now exercising your left hand in the brain. It is believed that this strong visual cue from the mirror can therapeutically be used to improve motor performance and the perception of the affected limb.

• Improve motor function
• Reduce neglect
• Improve sensation
• Reduce spasticity
• Reduce pain

• Lightweight design
• One-handed operation
• Foldable for easy storage



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