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The Purifas FaceShield, 100/pack - PUR-FS100

The Purifas FaceShield, 100/pack

Code: PUR-FS100

The Purifas FaceShield™
Made from a hydrophobic spunbound polypropylene, the FaceShield is resistant to spit, cough particles and make-up whilst the patented internal skirt design gives full protection from all contact surfaces of the therapy table.

Clinically proven to be more hygienic than the standard head sheet and covers, it is the economical and cleaner choice for your customer.

Product Specifications:
  • The first ever FaceShield to have bacterial filtration properties
  • Created in two ply thickness for comfort and durability
  • Packaged in easy to dispense boxes of 100units
  • Guaranteed to suit all types of therapy tables - massage, beauty therapy, naturopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractor and osteopathy
  • Produced in accordance with standards ISO13485
  • Box Dimensions: 22cm x 20cm x 23cm
  • Australian designed and owned
  • Recyclable and non-toxic

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