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FlexEze Heat Body Wrap, Pkt:24

FlexEze Heat Body Wrap is to be used with FlexEze Heat Patches. Each FlexWrap fits up to 2 FlexEze Heat Patches.

Enjoy the benefits of FlexEze Heat Therapy whenever you feel muscle tightness (back, neck, shoulder, or when experiencing menstrual cramps) before, during or after sport, gardening or other physically challenging activities. When standing or sitting for long periods such as sporting events, working at a desk, driving, watching TV, or during a flight. While outdoors on COLD winter days. 

  • Ideal for overnight use and people with sensitive skin. 
  • Ultra thin and discretely undetectable under clothing
  • Super stretch material
  • Also fits ice gel packs for ice compression wrap therapy
  • One size fits all

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