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Rolyan SoftStrap Strapping Material, 5cm x 9m, Beige, Roll

Code: PAT-A34961
The Rolyan SoftStrap Strapping Material is a soft, non-stretchable 6.4mm thick strapping material with sealed side edges for increased durability. 

  • It is composed of a five-layer laminate of hook-compatible nylon fabric, open-cell polyurethane foam, and a central stabilising layer with a self-sealing edge. 
  • The strapping material conforms anatomically without over-tightening, and is recommended where oedema or hypersensitive skin is a problem. 
  • Mates with standard and HTH hook. 
  • Similar to Beta Pile II™. 
  • Sold in a dispenser box.
  • Latex free.
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