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Rolyan Ultigrip Hand Exerciser, Frame with Foam Roll

Code: PAT-568702
New and improved hand exerciser system utilises three unique, interchangeable accessories to provide enhanced support, comfort and control. 

  1. Red frame with four independent rollers automatically adjusts to hand size and finger position during exercise.
  2. Green frame with pinch bar enables an entire new range of exercises for this type of device.
  3. Yellow frame with foam roller helps to perform the Gross Grasp exercise more effectively.


  • Easy-to-use, spring-loaded stoppers let you easily adjust, set, and record range of motion.
  • New palm bar design correctly places and locks device in your hand, distributes pressure evenly and removes with just a touch of a button to easily exchange accessory frames.
  • Innovative arched shape mimics the neutral resting position of the hand. Includes exercise booklet and latex-free bands.
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