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Air Trio Shell Ankle Walker, High, L/XL

Code: PAT-56572803
  • Designed for stable fractures of the foot or ankle. 
  • Three-piece design includes posterior and anterior shells for maximum immobilization.
  • Dual air chambers positioned medial/lateral at the ankle can be inflated for ideal compression and a custom fit. 
  • Pre-inflated bladder on anterior panel for maximum patient comfort. 
  • Lightweight, low profile design and rocker sole facilitate a natural gait. 
  • Deluxe liner includes a detachable toe cover. 
  • Wider foot base results in greater comfort and support. 
  • Available in high and low styles. 
  • Latex free.
Sizing Chart:
Shoe size 
4 - 75 - 8
M7.5 - 11    8.5 - 12
For size, measure shoe size.
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