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Rolyan Dry Heater

Code: PAT-091558717
Introducing the Rolyan® Dry Heatbed, an effective alternative way to heating low temperature Thermoplastics without the need for water. Suitable for use in the clinic environment or out in the community. The dry heater provides an easily transportable option for heating thermoplastics. A fast and efficient way to heat thermoplastics, in a sandwich press style with heating from top and bottom surfaces. 

Please note it is not suitable for pre-formed or pre-fabricated splints, as the materials needs to be flat.

Manufactured using the highest quality durable stainless steel with a hinged lid, and an insulated handle. The concealed heating elements are thermostatically controlled with an over-heat cut off protection built in.

Featuring a clear and easy to read and operate digital display. Supplied with 3 protective liners and comprehensive user instructions. 

External Dimensions: 
  • Width 56cm 
  • Depth 39cm 
  • Height 9cm (plus Handle Height 4.5cm) 
Surface Dimensions:
  • Width 55.5cm 
  • Depth 36cm 
Heated Surface Dimensions:
  • Width 50cm 
  • Depth 24cm 


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