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Neen Periform+ Intra-Vaginal Probe

Code: PAT-091253723
Laugh, sneeze, cough and move without leaking a drop. Neen gives you the support you need with a range of incontinence products and pelvic floor toners that can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and master your Kegel exercises. We’ve helped thousands of women feel like their old selves again, and we’re confident we can help you too. 

Neen Periform+ Intra-Vaginal Probe
To treat stress, mixed or urge incontinence, you have two easy options with the Periform+ electrode: with a muscle stimulator or biofeedback device. 

You’ll like it because:
  • The shape is smooth, so it inserts gently
  • You can stand up or move around while using it
  • You can use it with other muscle stimulators or biofeedback devices, not just ours
  • It’s easy to clean
How it works
Use the probe with our muscle stimulator, Pericalm™. This delivers a gentle electrical current to your pelvic floor muscles that tones and strengthens where you need it most.

Use the probe with our biofeedback device, Peritone. (It’s simpler than it sounds.) The Periform®+ probe picks up electrical activity in your pelvic floor muscles. This information is then displayed on the screen. It tells you if you’re contracting your muscles and performing your Kegel exercises correctly, or if you’re not.

Do not use Periform®+ if you are pregnant, during your period, if you have a prolapse or vaginal infection.
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