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Rolyan Smart Handle

Code: PAT-081658996
An exciting new product offering from Patterson Medical takes the guesswork out of elastic band exercises by providing real-time feedback of force exerted and repetitions completed. 

With the size of the population requiring therapy increasing rapidly along with healthcare costs, physical therapists need to justify therapies and their clinical efficacy. The Rolyan® Smart Handle enables them to do so by providing precise, quantifiable measurement of therapeutic improvement. With those measurements, therapists can document improvement and results, which also motivates patients because they can clearly see and realise improved results. 

Available exclusively from Patterson, the Rolyan® Smart Handle is the first smart therapy product of its kind - no other product like it has the ability to measure quantifiable data. It’s available in two models, the Smart Handle and Smart Handle Pro, which offers Bluetooth connectivity and results accessible through a digital app. Patterson Medical is excited to offer this new tool to enable physical therapists to do more for their patients.

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