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Oppo 1408 Achilles Brace with Silicone Pad, Right, S

Code: OPP-1408RS
  • The butterfly shaped pad is anatomically designed to fit the Achilles tendon and provide support during motions.
  • The concentric ripples on the pad provide intermittent compression, like a massaging effect, to effectively reduce edema, relieve spasm and speed up the recovery process.
  • Adjustable crisscross straps control the range of foot plantarflexion to shorten Achilles tendon to relieve pain and inflammation.
  • CoolPrene® material provides shock absorption, dynamic compression and better breathability on the injured ankle over prolonged use. Experience the superior comfort of CoolPrene® brace for stabilization or for injury prevention.
How to Wear:
  • Open the brace and place the pad under the sole to insert your foot through the brace.
  • Pull the lower straps. Make sure the pad is correctly positioned below the anklebone.
  • Plantar flex your foot and secure the upper closure.
  • Keep your foot in this position and pull the lower straps across the back of the brace. Fasten the straps on both sides of the lower leg.
  • Make sure the brace is positioned correctly, below the anklebone.
  • Achilles bursitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Post-operative use

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