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Tubinette Tubular Bandage, Size H01 for Finger/Toe, 20m Roll

Code: MHC-2416
Tubinette Tubular Bandage is stockinette made from 100% viscose that holds dressings that have to be changed frequently comfortable and securely in place, without constriction or compression. It also protects clothes and bedding from ointments and creams.

Its tubular construction makes application quick and easy, with or without a tubular bandage applicator.

  • Holds dressings comfortably and securely in place
  • Quick and easy to apply, with or without an applicator
  • Particularly suitable for use with frequent dressing changes
  • Cost-effective solution
Sizing Available:
  • Size H01 for finger/toe
  • Size H12 for bulky finger
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