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Splint Socks, Cotton with Thumb Spica, Medium/Large, Grey, Pkt 10

Code: LAW-109GS
  • The splint socks with thumb spica have an outer layer of Combed Mercerised Cotton - a high quality cotton which has been treated in yarn form to improve its abrasion resistance and moisture absorption ability. It will absorb about 30% more moisture than ordinary cotton and will not become hard after washing unlike ordinary cotton. 
  • The inner layer consists of micro fibre Nylon and Elastane helping to keep the skin dry and convey any perspiration to the outer cotton layer for absorption. 
  • The Elastane gives the garment its stretch and shape conforming ability. 
  • For sizing: Small/Medium – suitable for small to medium size women’s hand; Medium/Large – suitable for medium to large men’s hand. 
  • Colour: Off-white or grey.
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