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Ergonomic Grip Forearm Crutches, M, 660-940mm Hand Grip height, 205-275mm Arm Ring adjustment, Pair

Code: JAN-124A
  • Durable and strong, these Ergonomic Grip Forearm Crutches are constructed from high tensile extruded aluminium making them both lightweight and very strong. 
  • Ergonomic palm grip offers pressure distribution for maximum comfort. 
  • Fitted with high quality rubber tips for stability. 
  • Both hand to floor and palm grip to arm cuff sections are adjustable.
  • Maximum User Weight - 160kg
Available in pairs:
  • M (Hand Grip Height - 66 - 94cm, Arm Ring Adjustment- 20.5 -27.5cm)
  • L (Hand Grip Height - 83 - 111cm, Arm Ring Adjustment- 20.5 -27.5cm)
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