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Game Ready Assembled Cooling Vest Wrap

Code: GMR-630200-03
Game Ready Cooling Vest Features:
  • Anatomically engineered
  • Low-profile, circumferential design and use patented NASA technology to provide dual-action delivery, optimal coverage, and better surface contact for more effective hot and cold therapy treatment
  • Easy to apply
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Effective, consistent cooling
  • Optional pneumatic compression for better surface contact and enhanced cooling
  • Temperature adjusts with the simple turn of a dial
  • Easy on/off center chest zipper and side straps for customisable fit
  • Quick-release back loop keeps hose away out of the user’s way
  • Optional 14-foot heavy duty, medical-grade hose assures freedom of movement
  • Washable and replaceable outer sleeve
  • Keep your cool during rigorous training or strenuous games and competition. 
    Ideal for all types of players and athletes. Assures freedom of movement on training equipment such as stationary bikes or workout stations.
  • Stay cool and comfortable during long and arduous surgical procedures under hot lamps and layers of protective clothing. Ideal for surgeons and all operating team members.
  • One size, adjustable for comfort and fit 
  • Unisex
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